A Schizophrenic, Tapped & Skipped

A Schizophrenic, Tapped & Skipped - Cover Image

A Schizophrenic, Tapped & Skipped

Hope In The Midst Of Madness

Authors & Illustrator


J Mark
Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Non-Fiction > Memoirs


Faced with a severely schizophrenic daughter, homeless with no hope, and a heroin-addicted daughter clinging to life living in her car. A mother searches an infant boy’s eyes for the answers. How can God’s hand pull them through all this darkness? How will a mother find a different route? This is a journey through unmerciful mental madness and the torment of the people who desperately try to find help. Mentally ill are SKIPPED by society. Drug addiction is relentless. One day at a time, God’s glorious path becomes clear.