A Rhythm of Opposites

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A Rhythm of Opposites

A Fictional Memoir About Love, Loss, and Learning

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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Inspired by real events, ‘A Rhythm of Opposites’ tells the story of Eli Andrews and his older brother, Johnny. The whole story. Eli and Johnny are incredibly close. They’re best friends growing up and eventually each other’s best man at each of their weddings. Johnny is Eli’s hero. He’s everything Eli aspires to be. He’s the type of man Eli hopes to become. Until he’s not. Johnny does something that changes their relationship forever. That rips their family apart and damages everyone and everything in Johnny’s path. That leaves them all in darkness. Eli decides he has to tell their story. The whole story. “Because there are so many lessons to be learned from it. So many ways to do better. To be better.” This Audiobook offers a different kind of love story that’s told through more than just words. It’s also told through music, poetry, visual artwork, theatre, and other forms of storytelling. It’s told with vulnerability, honesty, conviction, and love. Thank you for listening!