A Prelude to War


A Prelude to War

Authors & Illustrator


Embrey Jr.
Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award


The year is 2048, and in a joint effort between the US Government and international pharmaceutical giant BioDynamics Incorporated (BDI), mankind has discovered the definitive cure for cancer. Thinking he fully knows the role he played to make this happen corporate fixer and contract assassin Raymond Wallace watches the announcement at his hillside home with no small measure of pride when he’s contacted by his handler for one last job. And while the assignment seems simple enough; to observe and report on the activities of FDA scientist Angela Rhodes while she oversees the production of the cure’s ceremonial first dose, the supernatural event Raymond witnesses while on assignment launches him into a downward spiral of intrigue, violence and death that leads to a terrible, reality altering truth about the man responsible for the cure, BioDynamics CEO William Devereaux. What will Raymond do? What will the world do? When it learns that such a long awaited gift, is also… A Prelude to War.