A Poetic Spanking

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A Poetic Spanking

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award


Jesus came to show us the way, How we should live from day to day. The scriptures said there would be a Messiah, And saving souls would be his desire. Anthony Toomer enjoys telling true stories while using poetry as the narrative. In his first volume of poems divided into three parts, he interweaves personal experiences and current events with introspective observations that lead others on a journey through his path through life as an African American man. He begins with reflections inspired by biblical wisdom and his Christian faith that explore the power of prayer, the endless battle between good and evil, and God’s ability to pull us out of the darkness and into the light. In the next two sections, he reflects on love, the sanctity of marriage, and the need for justice in the Black community as ignorance continues to plague humanity, even in today’s world. His free verse explores faith, love, and societal woes while encouraging believers to build a lasting relationship with God.