A Lady Wears Pearls


A Lady Wears Pearls

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Romance > Urban


A Lady Wears Pearls tells the story of a mother teaching her daughter the dangers of dating. The story shows how mother and daughter grow this beautiful bond where they learn to talk to each other honestly and openly. By the end of the story, the mother and daughter relationship has grown into a lifelong friend. The mother tells her daughter the lessons she and her friends learned over the years. Embedded in the dialogue between mother and daughter is a series of flashbacks that give the reader an in-depth look into the events and experiences of the mother and her friends twenty years prior. The flashbacks are sexy, spiritual, romantic, and funny. The flashbacks are not appropriate for readers under the age of eighteen as the content contains explicit imagery and language. This fictional story contains content relatable to the contemporary female experience.