A Hundred Honeymoons

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A Hundred Honeymoons

A Novel

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award


“Women are predators too, only the prey is different”- A.J. Strindberg A Hundred Honeymoons novel story line develops like a carnally driven small town soap opera. This genre has kept campfires burning over time and generational changes. Todd’s teenage adventures, drenched in hormonal confusion and offering a good number of moments for the reader to quip: “yeah, I remember feeling like that”. And Sally’s exploited, libido driven journey from naive cheer leader victim to mature woman touches all the avenues’, both crooked and straight, that growing up presents. Sprinkle this plot street with a bevy of weak, exploitive and corrupt characters from this cast of “Law and Order, Special Victims Unit” and one has a story premeditated with carnal adventure, broken hearts, and true love. Can these infatuated yet endurable teenagers, survive and prove that: Love does conquer all.