14 Dogs and Me


14 Dogs and Me

One Woman’s Story of Never Saying No

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Nonfiction > Animals
Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Nonfiction > Memoirs - Personal


14 Dogs & Me—One Woman’s Story of Never Saying No is a memoir of the sixty years Mary Roberts spent with the rescue dogs that drove her crazy, wrecked her house and her car, sabotaged all romantic relationships, depleted her savings, and brought joy and meaning to her life. This is a loving tribute and an unvarnished deep dive into the chaos and turmoil that can come with never saying no to adding another dog to the pack. It’s also an unsparingly personal recollection of the author’s relationship with the dogs who allowed her a reprieve from a difficult childhood, a stutter and both their consequences. Dogs awaken the tender heart in us, keeping it open and vulnerable to the pain and heartbreak of having them in our lives. They also make us happy. What are we to do? This book is a funny, heartbreaking, silly, and marginally instructive love letter to all the dogs we have loved and have loved us back. And all the dogs to come.