120 Seats in a Boiler Room


120 Seats in a Boiler Room

The Creation of a Courageous Professional Theater

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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Most start-ups struggle to thrive. But here’s how one small theater company turned obstacles into a rousing success. A dilapidated boiler room filled with debris. Four friends looking for a home for their newly created theater company. What could go wrong? Better still, what could go right? An all-in-one entertainment archive, inspirational how-to guide, and heartwarming memoir spanning the birth, climax, and final curtain call of the award-winning Boiler Room Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee. The story of a theater that stumbled, strived, and against all odds, triumphed on the shoulders of visionaries. Kempfer details some of the theater’s boldest undertakings, from “A Chorus Line” to “Chicago,” from “The Rocky Horror Show” to “Cabaret,” and from “Sweeney Todd” to “Sunday in the Park with George,” and compiles accounts from multiple guest authors, furnishing readers with an enriched and vibrant portrait of the local treasure the Boiler Room Theatre evolved to be.