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An L.A. publisher finds a mysterious manuscript and is transported to Persia in 366 BCE where she discovers she's the reincarnated daughter of Queen Vashti.
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Anna Steine, a twenty-nine-year-old divorced Los Angeles publisher, discovers a mysterious manuscript and learns she is the reincarnated daughter of Vashti, a biblical queen from the Book of Esther in 366 BCE.

Risking her company and romantic relationship with Nathaniel Braverman, PhD, the author, she must fulfill a vow made centuries ago and break a curse that finally brings her true happiness and changes the world’s view of a biblical heroine.

Take Away / Theme
From the bible Book of Esther, Queen Vashti has been both vilified and praised. Vashti’s Daughter definitively ends the debate.
Target Audience
A Google search for “Vashti” will produce over 3 million results from biblical scholars, feminists, and Vashti fans worldwide.
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