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True North

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A young lawyer learns to represent a client she hates and keep her moral compass intact, while balancing her personal and professional lives..
Book Description

Jessica Fischer, a young lawyer practicing in rural Ashton, Georgia, is hired to represent the local hero, football coach Frank Wishingham, in a paternity suit stemming from a questionable incident that took place 16 years ago.  Her representation is compromised when the Coach accuses her of failing to use her reporter boyfriend to gain more favorable press for him.  With the help of her best friend/paralegal, Diane, Jessica learns how to juggle her personal and professional interests while keeping her moral compass pointing towards True North.

Take Away / Theme
You don't have to compromise your ethics when hired to do a distasteful job.
Target Audience
People who want to know what it's really like to be a lawyer; women looking for a beach read about other, relatable women.
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