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The Unraveling

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Young war veteran betrayed by family and business associates, mafia comes in.
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It must be quite a task to find the right Author for your representation. I am offering you a mystery crime story entwined into a romantic thriller. I wrote The Unraveling with a brisk pace, crackling chemistry, witty banter, romantic moments that make you melt, a high stakes plot, characters that jump off the page with the surprise of witchery, finishing with a dramatic ending. A story like no other, derived from my personal experiences before becoming The United States Veteran of the Year by the President and Producer of The USO Entertainment.

He did not waste his time away, plans were made, blueprints were created, and he was ready to execute. What happens next to Kyle will keep the reader turning pages as they immerse themselves into the craziest events that keep on happening as he forbids himself to quit, no matter how crazy it unravels into a mystery thriller crime story that effects the lives of those who tried to destroy him, they were warned.

I have been wanting to write this story for the last 20 years. A story that I need to tell, as it was my experiences that drove me to write a mystery thriller. Being I lived it, it is fresh, and the characters are realistic. I had to add the paranormal activity as it was something we all lived in amazement. There is the crime family in the story lending an exciting new direction as the life of Kyle and The Family is told. Women are always part of a good story and Kyle had the best and he had the worst. Throw in an allusive Supernatural White Candle that seems to have its own powers, powers that took one man’s life, and in the end, I wrote an unbelievably astounding book.

PJ Franklin

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Never let anyone take away what is yours. If it is important to you then you must fight for it. Don't let others discourage you from your goals. Your successes are yours and no one elses, soar!
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Young adult and adults who love to read fiction memoir's that are exciting and adventurous.
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