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The Stowaway

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Zay is held captive by the VP, Riggs, of the motorcycle club Snakes because her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lovett, owes them money. Little does she know, she's more connected to the club than she thinks.
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The Stowaway is a face-paced novel, with romance and thriller vibes. The story is told from Zay/Zaynab’s point-of-view as well as the vice president of the motorcycle club, Riggs. There are flashback scenes that help connect them, which slowly unravels their stories and connection. Reading the novel, you begin rooting for Zay to escape, but as more of her secrets unravel, we start to wonder if she’ll ever escape. And if she does, will she end up six feet under, repenting for her sins? The big reveal takes place closer to the end of the story, twisting the entire build-up no one sees coming. The Stowaway has received positive feedback from proofreaders, editors, and readers on Wattpad. Its tone has been said to be very reminiscent of the romance novels by author A.L. Jackson.

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Actions have consequences
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Readers who love biker novels, novels with a twist, strong characters with difficult backstories
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