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The Luminary

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A teenage girl discovers her destiny when she travels to the other side of the known universe in search of her father.
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Kennedy Neff (16) is a quarter Mexican, a quarter German, and half alien. She first discovers her father is from a different planet when she is accepted into the Luminary Institute, a program some of the most advanced beings in the universe have attended, including Kennedy’s new crush, Reddick Brandth (17) who has been sent to earth to retrieve her. After some deliberation, Kennedy journeys with Reddick from her hometown of Tucson, Arizona to Symetra where she is trained by the Luminaries to evolve primitive planets and explore the ever-expanding universe. While on this paradise planet she makes fast friends with her alien roommates and together they use advanced technology to search for her father, a man Kennedy knows little about but is desperate to find. When Reddick joins the search, their quest gains momentum. Rumors begin to swirl about Kennedy and Reddick, even though Kennedy believes he is light-years out of her league. Still nothing can distract Kennedy from finding her father—not the wonders of Symetra, nor her first love, not even a tyrannical king hunting Luminaries. Kennedy is determined to uncover her father’s secret identity, unaware that the truth will not only change her world but the entire universe.

Take Away / Theme
Being brave enough to show up as your authentic self is the only way to discover your true destiny and purpose.
Target Audience
Fans of Harry Potter, Twilight and Star Wars will enjoy The Luminary.
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