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The Freewaves: Curse of the Claimed

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A group of pirates atop jet-propelled surfboards are embroiled in a crime with worldwide ramifications.
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After taking gold from an unsuspecting ship, Takeen, the Robin Hoodesque young captain of the pirate group, The Freewaves, is unaware the stolen treasure is intended for the world’s most powerful crime syndicate, the Undertow. Never a group to let things go, the Undertow threatens Takeen’s home. But they are willing to leave the island be, for a price. The syndicate intends to use the Freewaves’ unique skillset, their talents atop jet-propelled surfboards, for a job. With the fate of the pirates’ island hanging in the balance, Takeen and his crew are forced to go against an even more daunting foe. The job, and the secrets surrounding it, involve the ostracized magic users of the world, and the future of these ‘Oceanclaimed’ may rest with the Freewaves and their captain, who has an even more integral part to play in these events than he realizes.

Take Away / Theme
To protect your family, you must be willing to sacrifice everything.
Target Audience
Ages 15-25, Fantasy Fans
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