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The Day I Went To Hell: A testimony that may help save us!

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There was one day that changed me. There was one day unlike any other.. And I had to go through hell to truly believe. Do you believe it? You will, after reading, "The Day I Went To Hell."
Book Description

What seemed an ordinary trip on the 101 freeway in Southern California in 2005 turned
out for T.L. and his friend Kayla to be anything but ordinary. It begins as a dream adventure
but deteriorates quickly into a dangerous nightmare. After seemingly miles and miles of
aimless driving, they realize they can’t leave and are in a time loop to nowhere. They also
come to the chilling realization that they are not alone. Kayla is attacked and overtaken by
an unfriendly foreign presence she calls “him.” And T.L., in this harrowing tale, must keep
from believing the lie she and “he” is telling him: That he is dead, in hell, and has missed
the coming of Jesus Christ. This battle in the spiritual realm forces Kayla and T.L. to come
to terms with their sin, and only by seeing where the Spirit of God is will they know the
truth from the lie and be set free.

Take Away / Theme
"I’m writing this account on Sunday, March the 16th. And yes reader this is scary. I’m getting scared writing it. But I have to write it so you may believe and get closer to God."
Target Audience
People who believe in God and People who do not believe in God. People who want to get closer to God. People who enjoy a scary story.
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