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The Ant and the Magician

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A tiny ant uses her wits to convince a powerful magician to stop buffiting the animals with the winds.
Book Description

A mighty magician lives in a castle on top of a mountain. He has no farmers. Instead, he commands the winds to plow the fields, sow the seed, water the furrows and harvest the crop. This plays havoc on the animals living on the ground and they hold a meeting. No one can decide what to do until a tiny ant says, “I will stop the winds.” The other animals laugh. They say the bear has claws and the fox teeth and ask what the ant has. She replies that she has the best thing of all, her wits. She has a Jay fly her to the castle. The magician comes home after a tiring day of commanding the winds and complains about how tired he is. When he lies down to seep, the ant crawls into the magician’s ear w and whispers that he can invite people from another valley to live on his farm, help with the crops and share in the profits so the magician will not be so tired from commanding the winds. The magician is convinced that this is his own thought and he does invite other people to help. The animals are never bothered by the winds again.

Take Away / Theme
Even the smallest among us can have a powerful impact on the world when using brains over brawn
Target Audience
Children 4 to 8 years old
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