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Something We Never Imagined

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While chasing a dream as a writer in the City of Angels, Colton has a random encounter with Emma Lee who attempts to help him harness the power of faith & forgiveness, to overcome his broken past!
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Something We Never Imagined is an inspiring story about an intriguing country boy named Colton Dust who moves to the City of Angels to study journalism at USC after graduating from high school in his small hometown. A few years after graduating with a degree in journalism, he finds himself quickly rising up the ranks as a news columnist in LA when his first column at a smaller newspaper catches the eye of the Editor in Chief at the largest newspaper in LA. And, just as Colton is finally achieving success in his career, he happens to meet a beautiful young woman named Emma Lee Coal who begins to stir something inside of him he had not felt in a long time. However, in order to open his heart, Colton has to find the strength to overcome a painful experience still haunting him from his past. And then, just as Emma Lee begins to help him experience the healing power of forgiveness, his life reaches another crossroad point, and Colton must decide if he truly has faith and trust in God in order to experience something he never could have imagined.

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Something We Never Imagined is an inspiring story about the healing power of forgiveness through hope, faith, and trust in love. Revealing how forgiveness is key to opening one’s heart to love others.
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Men and women ages 15 - 65
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