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Searching for Serotonin: When Hardship Makes Happiness Hard to Find

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Mali Millie

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This is a memoir about the process toward healing for a traumatized overachiever.
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“You don’t look like someone who wants to commit suicide,” says a fellow patient.
“I think that’s part of the problem,” I reply.

I was 8 when I touched my mother’s dead body. My dad then becoming an absent-minded, emotionally distant alcoholic and being teased for my weight at school and at home are a few memories I address that conspired together to bring me to my hospitalization in the psych ward where we begin our story. Searching for Serotonin takes you through my memories to reveal a closer look in the mind and life of someone with an ugly past fighting to make a beautiful future.

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People with a history of adversity do not have to be consumed by their past
Target Audience
The more than 60% of adults who reported having had at least one adverse childhood experience as reported by a 2018 study by JAMA Pediatrics.
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