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Red and Blue

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Elevator Pitch
One man must decide if democracy and free will are worth the cost of erasing our timeline.
Book Description

The government has used time travel to rig elections. They’ve used it to make wartime decisions, move people in and out of power, and decide when to prevent catastrophe and when to allow it to happen. In June 2032, they will flip the switch on their time machine and send information back to the Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention. Every moment of every American life for the last 300 years has been predicted and preordained by a fraction of a percentage of the population, and in ten months the loop closes.

If the project continues, life remains unchanged, but the ideas of free will and democracy are forever tainted, and anyone who has lost someone to war, disease, or terror knows that their loved ones were considered a necessary casualty. If the project is stopped, free choice prevails but the universe shifts, and in this jump to a new timeline no one is guaranteed their continued existence.

Some want to protect themselves and trust that the government chose the best possible timeline. Some take up an old credo: “Give me liberty or give me death.” But others choose not to take a stance. In Red and Blue, one man provides his testimony of living through the Second American Revolution in Boston, in a world heaved over on its side from the force of the revelation and the reckoning to come.

Take Away / Theme
High-flying abstract ideals matter little when it comes to making an individual decision. Also: not choosing is a choice.
Target Audience
Adults of all ages who like high-concept sci-fi that makes you question your own courage and values.
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