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Elevator Pitch
WWI apparition gets the girl, the delinquent, now for the danger.
Book Description

Raleigh is a ghost left behind from WWI in an old mansion. He wants to move on but believes an act of heroism is his only way. Fifteen-year-old Danielle McCarty’s mother is moving Dani, her mother and brother, to an old mansion to remodel into a bed-n-breakfast. When she finds out that a WWI ghost is living in her closet, she decides she going to be defiant to her mother. Raleigh is excited. The girl brings strange new things with her. Dani sneaks out. For every beer or wine she’s given, her delinquent boyfriend amazed when the wind knocks it from her hands. When Dani gets into a fight turning over her boyfriend’s drug paraphernalia, he threatens her. His drunken dad tells him that he wants his land and mansion back. Branton loses that too. It’s war. Raleigh doesn’t like him and has monitored him. He’s decided whatever the boy intends to do, Raleigh won’t let him. He’s Dani’s guardian angel. At a party, Branton shows up disorderly. He grabs Dani by the neck and squeezes. As she’s fainting, she watches Raleigh appear. His weapon he holds against Brandon’s neck. The light opens up and Raleigh go home to heaven.

Take Away / Theme
WWI apparition got the girl, the delinquent, now for the danger
Target Audience
12 to 16 years, Older Middle Grade,
Word Count