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Otzi's Odyssey

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The redemption story of a five-thousand year old soul.
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Otzi’s Odyssey begins with the remarkable sighting of a mummified man, stumbled upon by two unsuspecting mountain hikers in the autumn of 1991. Along with this archeological discovery, the Iceman’s ancient soul is awakened after being frozen, along with his remarkably preserved corpse, into a glacier for over five-thousand years.

Otzi the Iceman’s story travels in time between the modern era, as he tries to comprehend his observations of a technologically advanced world, and back to 3300 BCE, where as Clan Chief Bhark, he lives with his family in a peaceful village, along a great lake, located at the foothills of the ominous Similaun Mountain.

An ambush by his nemesis Shadrach, and a subsequent encounter with the soul hunter Creyak, sends Bhark on a perilous journey into the four demonic realms of Gehenna, where through the guidance of Miko the Seer, and his clairvoyant daughter Amica, he struggles for the salvation of his eternal soul.

Take Away / Theme
Otzi's Odyssey is an examination of the soul life, which is not limited to the defined time between our birth and death.
Target Audience
Those interested in examining the journey of the soul.
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