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My Moses, the Story of a Starving Boy

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Elevator Pitch
Katherine Walker is starving her son and fights the justice system.
Book Description

In May 2021, Moses Walker has runaway for the third time in as many weeks. He is fourteen years old, but you’d never know it looking at him because his parents have been starving him. Once he’s been apprehended, he tells the officer that his parents withhold food and beat him. He’s taken to the police department for questioning where he meets Detective Lauren Kelly. Lauren is a former child abuse victim herself and understands the importance of a child having an advocate and she vows to be that for Moses. Moses discloses to her the beatings he gets and how he has to steal food from their trash to get something to eat.

Meanwhile his parents, Katherine and Melrose Walker, create drama in their home and at the police department. Katherine, herself obese, is obnoxious, callous and self-involved. Melrose is unable and unwilling to stand up to her. She rules the roost, playing favorites among her children. Those she loves are given extra food for tattling on Moses, who she resents. 

Once the parents realize they are the targets of a child abuse investigation, they leave town and hole up in a hotel. They are eventually located and both are arrested for child neglect. But the drama doesn’t end there. Katherine continues to play games with the court system. Will she be found guilty? Did Lauren do enough to help get a conviction?

Take Away / Theme
Reader will be behind scenes of an investigation and in the courtroom in a trial.
Target Audience
For mature audiences who can handle the dark side of police investigations.