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My Life Swiping Right

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Prompted by the reading of a gypsy fortuneteller, a sassy young Romanian embarks on a journey around the world to find true love.
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Arina Gramma believes the only thing missing in her life is true love. Prompted by the reading of a gypsy fortuneteller, the sassy young Romanian embarks on a journey around the world and embraces online dating, hoping to find the man of her dreams. But one unexpected match changes everything…

Swiping right and globe-trotting in pursuit of love for almost three years, Arina ends up in picturesque but rainy Dublin, just as the deadline predicted by the fortuneteller is about to expire. She is determined to fulfill the prophecy, but everything seems to be working against her —the memory of a bad breakup with her rock star boyfriend from California; a tumultuous relationship with her employer, and matching with a man who looks identical to her long-lost father. Even the gloomy summer Irish sky conspires against her.

Arina finds solace in writing fiction, making new friends, and getting the attention of her handsome client, Liam, who might be the man of her dreams.

Trapped on O’Connell Bridge in the middle of a rainstorm on her 35th birthday, she has a tough decision to make: settle for the ghost from her past to fulfill the gypsy fortuneteller’s reading or embrace an unpredictable future…

Written in first person Point-of-view, My Life Swiping Right is a women’s fiction novel where Eat, Pray, Love meets The Devil Wears Prada


Take Away / Theme
The book takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery through love and highlights a contemporary quandary—committing to one person in the dating app era.
Target Audience
Women in their 30's and 40's looking for books driven by a strong female character.
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