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Elevator Pitch
Bond between a prosecutor and sex worker fighting an abusive husband and a pimp.
Book Description

Assistant Dallas City Attorney Nikki Ryan plans to change the luck of Butterfly, a young sex worker. However, the girl’s learned too much about her pimp’s money laundering, and he decides she cannot live. When neither the pimp nor his goon can locate Butterfly, Nikki discovers she is in the crosshairs.

Nikki may be a marathon runner and a rodeo barrel racer, but she is not a kick-ass superhero. She turns to the justice system to protect her and Butterfly. The pimp circles closer and closer, putting both in greater peril. Even worse than the pimp is the detective who no longer takes Nikki’s calls.

Nikki can’t fail now. She’s a woman who keeps her word and promises to keep Butterfly safe. But the key to their ultimate safety lies with Butterfly, who must help Nikki locate the wily pimp. Hopefully, before he finds them.

Take Away / Theme
Strong women have weaknesses; vulnerable women can find strength when working together.
Target Audience
Readers who love Thrillers with female leads.
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