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Lisa's Legacy

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Elevator Pitch
Lawyer takes up defense of woman accused of murder only to learn she may have been behind the wheel in the crosswalk killing of the reporter who named him guardian of their daughter.
Book Description

Attorney CALVIN SAMUELS takes up the defense of a woman from out of his dark past accused of the murder of her drug-lord boyfriend only to learn she may have been behind the wheel in the crosswalk killing of the investigative reporter who has now named him guardian of their daughter. Calvin, a forty-something bachelor, receives a late-night telephone call. LISA YASHIDA has been run down in a crosswalk hit-and-run. Her will named Calvin guardian of her eight-year-old daughter CHARLIE. Fathered, Calvin guesses, by the man Lisa left him for. At the temporary group home, he learns Charlie so traumatized at seeing her mother run down she has not spoken since, her only voice to the world the violin she plays in the turret that overlooks San Francisco Bay. Calvin nevertheless leases a condo for them to move into, but that evening RANDY KILLEY is murdered on the sidewalk as he leaves Calvin’s office. His girlfriend and long-ago flame of Calvin’s, who unbeknown to him Lisa Yashida was investigating for drug trafficking at the time of her death, is arrested. Calvin takes up her defense, outraging Randy Killey’s mob-boss father who swears revenge on Calvin. And his family.

Take Away / Theme
The healing power of forgiveness and redemption.
Target Audience
Adult readers of up-market, book-club legal suspense.
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