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It is a book about finding peace and serenity.
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Joy is a simple little book about fundamental truths that hold deep-seated complexities. It asks us to look deeply at the living, breathing experiences of life. It shows us how to maintain stillness in a complex world, which is our key to surviving and creating coherence within ourselves and the life we aspire to live. While at the same time, we are finding healing and peace. It seems we have forgotten what is important and returning to the simple things in life is a way to discover the miracle that we were given at birth.

I hope to help those who are searching to find a logical and simple way to come to grips with their lives.

Take Away / Theme
I am giving the reader a simple way to see through the chaos and confusion of the times we are living in.
Target Audience
To all those that are feeling fearful, anxious and overwhelmed.
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