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Bloody Dawn at The Duke

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When her friend is murdered, Dawn will do anything to avenge her death, even becoming a vampire.
Book Description

Dawn, a likeable but directionless, damaged young woman whose life has become reduced to a handful of friends and her work as a security guard for an edgy club in Melbourne’s eclectic, diverse suburb St Kilda. Dawn is used to the idea that her best friend June is a witch but that doesn’t prepare her for finding out her colleague, Anastasia is a vampire. When her friend Leanne is brutally murdered, Dawn suddenly not only believes Anastasia, she now wants to become a vampire too. Dawn feels empowered but becomes embroiled in a dark world of crime. To solve the mystery she endangers her friends’ lives and her own. She recklessly breaches the heart of a nefarious criminal cartel, which has been under her nose the whole time. Can she conquer the evildoers and save the women and vampires of St Kilda?

Take Away / Theme
That in Dawn's world the evil men are punished
Target Audience
Women in their 30's who are looking for some fun cathartic, fantasy. Any woman/man/non-binary person who has ever had the thought "I would love to show that creep what I really think".
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