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Black & White: Healing Racial Divide

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The Bookfest 2nd Place Award Winner for Spring 2022 skillfully transforms a contentious topic into a warm conversation with a friend.
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The tragic events of George Floyd introduced a global hunger for racial understanding, but without the salty-after-taste of blame and shame. Black & White was masterfully written to satisfy that hunger by combining four elements into one engaging book:

Race Dialogue Expert Charles Holley writes in a soft, inviting, yet persuasive tone as he meticulously unfolds deep racial insights. He shares communication tools and techniques that encourage constructive racial dialogue and reveals gripping biographical stories that make the book feel genuine. He caps the reading experience with historical research presented in a neutral tone which makes the book great for educational institutions.

Dive into a chapter that feels like a bible study on race and faith. Enhance your leadership skills with an innovative chapter on Racial Diversity and Culture. Read eye-opening stories such as, “It was a white guy with a rebel flag who exposed my racial bias as a black man.” The book transforms a contentious subject matter from heated debate to a warm welcomed conversation with a friend. You can gain deep racial understanding without feeling blamed or shamed.

Note: This book is Self-Published with Author having all rights. Author will delist the book and remove from publication if an agreement is reached with agent or publisher.

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Increased knowledge of racial issues and more confidence in engaging in racial conversations.
Target Audience
Caucasians, People of Color, Christians, Business leaders, Education Leaders
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