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Ancient Tides Ashore

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An ancient Polynesian man and a modern religious woman share the same secret ability. When brought together across time, they must shed their own faith or customs and confront a malevolent force.
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Modern meets ancient. Tropical paradise meets paranormal terror. And traditional faith meets a deeper, stranger reality.

Ancient Tides Ashore is a literary eco-fantasy set across two eras in Hawaii: one, in 620 A.D., when the first wave of Polynesians settles the islands, and the second in the Present Day, when a 27-year-old Mormon wife and mother finds herself embroiled in a multi-dimensional conflict across time.

Separated by culture, geography and 1,500 years, a man named Kaimi and a woman named Marilyn are brought together on the lush, prehistoric shores of the island of Kauai. The one thing binding them: a sensitivity to exotic spirit-beings that populate the shadows of the natural world. Together, they realize they must use this ability to address a particularly strange and dark presence in a place called Pyramid Bay—a presence that may just be the tip of the spear for a greater conflict between the physical and the metaphysical, as human beings change the course of nature.

Take Away / Theme
The novel carries a strong environmental undercurrent, and emphasizes human kinship across time, religion and culture. It also addresses the topics of "faeries" and "cryptids" in a unique way.
Target Audience
Adult fans of more literary speculative fiction. Recent examples include John Crowley’s "KA: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr", or Matt Haig’s "The Midnight Library."
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