A Woman’s Guide to Conscious Love

A Woman’s Guide to Conscious Love-book-cover

A Woman’s Guide to Conscious Love: Navigating the Play of Feminine and Masculine Energy in Your Relationships by Ann O’Brien

“Ann O’Brien shares the wisdom and insight she has honed through decades of shepherding clients through their lives, dreams, careers and relationships.” ~Ashley M.

Post “yes dear,” post radical feminism, post #metoo is a blank canvas for those ready to live and love in a new paradigm of womanhood. But what does that look like? In this highly astute narrative is a new mode of relating to ourselves and our world as women. Through Ann’s practical and intuitive approach to self-discovery, you will learn how to unleash your incredible feminine creativity and passion without exhausting yourself, invite and receive more of the kind of love you desire, communicate effectively with the men in your life, and heal your wounds around love so you can have the confidence to get and have what you want.

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